Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stumble upon - addon de Mozilla Firefox

Am un add-on misto, ii zice StumbleUpon. Ii dai o tematica si iti da pagini web pe tema respectiva.

Azi am gasit asta, care mi-a placut tare mult:

Good morning my beloved sunshine
Tell me that you are truly mine
Oh dear sunshine I miss you,
Do you maybe... miss me too?
I count down time, await the end of night
Till dawn to bask in my sunshine's light
I fear the other flowers try to steal your glow
Tough luck sunshine, because I know:
Only I lay claim to your divinity
You and I go back eons, and we shall go on for eternity
With you arise, with your setting I fall
You my love, are truly my all.
Someday again I will be able to kiss your golden lips
My eternal thirst will be partially quenched from those ambrosial sips
For I,your sunflower, cannot wait till the day
The sky will bow down, the earth will sway
We will be brought together, the cosmos awry
And I will love you my sunshine, until the day I will die.


PS: Daca-i careva pe role azi in Herastrau, ne gasim acolo.

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  1. Bun venit in comunitatea Stumble Upon.
    Ai grija, creeaza dependenta!